Snaps from Feté De La Musiqué 2017

Tags from @indiemanilalive Twitter followers of their stage hopping schedules made me more excited about Saturday’s festivities.

It was also like that for me. Every year, I plot out a doable schedule for me to check out as much acts as I can in one day. This year, the day of solstice when Fetê De La Musique is normally held fell on a Wednesday. We’re not in France and we cannot just have June 21st as a non-working holiday to enjoy the festivities so to have it on the Saturday nearest to that date would be more ideal. Main Stages where big acts would normally play were all cancelled due to security reasons but the 26 pocket stages pushed through. The pocket stages were situated on different venues around Makati. The earliest performances were as early as 3pm (Indie and Acoustic stages). For this year’s Fete stage hop, I didn’t really have some solid plan. I went out of my dorm around 5:30pm and walked to the nearest stage I could find: the Island Music stage at Aloha Bar & Grill, The Collective.

Inky de Dios at the Island Music stage

I only stayed for a couple of minutes at the Island Music stage but will definitely check it, stay longer, and check out more acts next year. From The Collective, I walked a few blocks to SaGuijo for Rock Stage. This one is different from the Rock and Roll stage which I sort of find confusing having two different stages with ‘Rock’ in it.

Kat Taylor, Saydie at the Rock Stage

I stayed until the end of Saydie’s set and then decided to visit the Acoustic stage.

Marga Jayy at Acoustic Stage

Marga Jayy was performing when I came in. I was able to stay until Gabe Piolo’s set. One interesting thing I noticed at the Acoustic stage at A SPACE Manila are the earphones some of the audience were wearing.

Fools and Foes at Indie Stage

For three straight years, the Indie stage have been one of the most attended stage at Feté De La Musiqué. This stage was one of the earliest to start too. When I came in Ben&Ben was on stage and the crowd was so pumped up, they sang to each and every song the band played. There was this one girl in front wearing a red shirt who was very enthusiastic and sang along to all the songs with such passion (see cover photo of this story). She very much reminded me of myself – the one who doesn’t give a shit, goes to gigs alone, in front of the stage, forgets about the crowd, and embrace each and every band on stage with such passion. Whoever you are, I’d like to meet you and shake your hand because I am sure you made every band who performed that stage felt good.

Ben&Ben at the Indie Stage

I stayed there for a while, chatted with some fans and friends and then left when Tom’s Story’s just about to step onstage for their set. Then I head on to my last stop for the night, the Reggae stage at B-Side.

I wish we can celebrate a pinoy music fest as passionately as the french one we adore — Raymund Marasigan (@raymsmercygun) June 18, 2017