KARPOS LIVE MIX 6: Meaningful & Melodic Memories with Unique & Jordan Rakei

“Always say yes when a friend asks you to go to a gig with them”– A phrase musicians and enthusiasts should often put to heart, a phrase I have instilled in myself, or at least tried, since I started going to local gigs. Even after working closely with some of the scene’s veterans for years, I still manage to find myself in places I never would have imagined being in. That night was truly enjoyable and eye, or dare I say ear-opening. And who’d have thought that it all started simply by saying “yes”?

Opening the show was one of my personal favorites from the indie scene, Banna Harbera. As usual, their set was nothing short of awesome. Having them start the show was the perfect way to get everyone in the room moving.

The night’s first main act, Unique, always brings something new to the table every time he puts on a show. From dancing randomly, weirdly to some, to mixing it up by playing a couple of songs differently. One thing has never changed about him though — his “unapologetically me” attitude.

Now, if I’m being honest, Jordan Rakei is a name I have been hearing around. Though I only encountered his song “Ottolenghi” once through the friend that asked me to come with him to this gig. Thinking about it, I felt as though I was stuck in between someone I never met and someone I’m extremely familiar with. Frankly, this situation is not uncommon for me. In fact, I enjoy the excitement of finding something new.

Unique at Karpos Live Mix 6 (photo by George B.)

The contrast of having heard Unique’s first album before its release and falling for each track, compared to just discovering Jordan Rakei’s music in the best way possible: live. It was undoubtedly one of a kind experience that I’d like to revisit again and again in my memories. Being able to put ‘Grandma’ on replay before everyone knew about it was a great secret to keep but there were more stones to turn. New artists locally and internationally all start out as secrets, just waiting to be told. And I was more than glad to have opened another box of good and meaningful music, thanks to Jordan Rakei. He definitely made sure everyone remembered him even as we all disappeared.

Jordan Rakei at Karpos Live Mix 6 (Photo by Calvin Cheng)

It’s such a thrill to discover new sounds and artists by hearing them live. Running into old friends and even making new ones. With all that in mind, I know that I came to Mix 6 somewhat oblivious but I went out a fan of lo-fi funk, gained new friends, and had more stories to tell for the next adventures. So the next time a friend of yours asks to watch a gig together, you should already know what to say.