Kagawasan at Valenzuela People’s Park Amphitheater

Popular television actress Glaiza De Castro celebrated her birthday with a benefit concert at the Valenzuela People’s Park Amphitheater on January 24. The main thing that caught our attention about this concert is the comeback gig of Kagawasan, the actress and actor Alwyn Uytingco’s music side project.

Kagawasan, a visayan word for peace, is the perfect moniker for actors who I believe formed this band after their stint with Quark Henares’ film Rakenrol. The band had a couple of gigs some three years ago but we always miss it. Eventually, given De Castro and Uytingco’s personal projects, Kagawasan went in hiatus.

We were thrilled when we saw De Castro’s post on Instagram that she reunited the band and was set to play their songs live after three years.

A photo posted by ➕ GDC ➕ (@glaizaredux) on Jan 22, 2016 at 6:10am PST

Kagawasan’s set was part of De Castro’s benefit concert #2WENTY8. The show also invited indie scene favorites Autotelic and MOONWLK as opener.

De Castro started her set by playing songs from her debut album Synthesis. The album reminded us of 90s alternative bands when we first listen to it. It was a treat to finally listen to the songs live.

The birthday celebrant cut her set and went to the moment we’ve been waiting for — she called out her Kagawasan bandmates and played four original songs.

Here’s a video of their performance of ‘High Low’, a track that’s included in the official soundtrack of Marie Jamora’s Ang Nawala.

Now is Kagawasan back for good? De Castro shared in between the band’s set that they are hoping to record their original songs and release an EP in the near future! So more gigs for us to check out yey.

More photos from #2WENTY8 on our Facebook page.

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