Jam For Peace Bar Tour Kicks Off On August 16

Jam Pack Music, a pool of artists coming together to give unforgettable, fun and jam-packed entertainment, will be spearheading a series of benefit shows aimed to provide assistance to our brothers and sisters affected by the ongoing conflict in the Islamic city.

A music show for a cause dubbed as “Jam For Peace” is set to take place on different music venues in Metro Manila: Historia Boutique Bar and Restaurant on August 16, Route 196 (with Indie Manila) on August 31, B-Side on September 9, 12 Monkeys Music Hall and Pub on September 20, and 19 East to be announced soon.

More than 30 music acts are joining forces to raise funds for folks displaced in Marawi. Bands confirmed to perform include Barbie Almalbis, Silent Sanctuary, The Itchyworms, Mayonnaise, Sponge cola, Hale, Rocksteddy, Save Me Hollywood, Soapdish, Aia de Leon, Ben and Ben, Lunar Lights, Farewell Fair Weather, Absolute Play, Brisom, Bea Valero, Talata, Tanya Markova, Monolog, Sileph, Kiss Jane, Leanne & Narra, Kitchie Nadal, Sud, Jensen and the Flips, The Ransom Collective, Even, April Morning Skies and more.

It’s high time for musicians to take a stand and call for unity and peace in Mindanao, Jam Pack Music spokesperson Tommy Tanchanco said in a statement. We want to affirm solidarity with Marawi in any way we could—be it performing for a cause, driving more funds for rehabilitation of homes and rescue, and spreading awareness about the plight of our countrymen in the South. We hope to foster a tight community through tumultuous times. We want to be there for everyone.