HIGHLIGHTS: Tagaytay Art Beat 2

We all know that the indie scene is booming nowadays. May it be, movies or music. There are so many gigs happening around us. So, in what way can you make going to a gig more memorable and exciting? You do the gig in an art museum situated in Tagaytay where you can feast your eyes and ears with out of the world paintings, sculptures and music. Yes, it’s that day of the year again where we go and sing our hearts out with the artists while feeling the cool breeze against our skins. Tagaytay Art Beat 2 is an event held by DocDef productions. It started last year and hopefully, we’ll have more art beats ahead of us . Tagaytay Art beat 2 was bigger and better than the previous art beat. It had more acts, more artists and more audience who swayed and danced to the beat of their hearts that night.

Going to Artbeat was also an adventure for many. Some got lost on the way, some made new friends and some were really lucky to be with the artists in the same bus as them. And we’re in luck to be the latter. The trip was long. But, you know that people inside are all excited. Although, we fell asleep at some point of the trip because we left Manila early. We also got to mingle with the production team, the art beat volunteers and other people from the media team. They were also excited and hyped for the event.

It was a complete 15hr setup of just intense local scene. Jobim and Lambert from Jam 88.3 did a great job bringing the hype and woos from the crowd. It was until midnight and I can assure you the crowd did remain as good as ever —- while drinking beers and dealing with the cold breeze.

Jam 88.3’s Lambert and Jobim on stage at Tagaytay Art Beat 2 (Photo by Bel Certeza)

We got to talk to JB Balaquit, head of DocDef productions, Ning Orlina from Museo Orlina, and Bullet Dumas. And here’s what they shared about this awesome shindig:

Indie Manila: Ano yung difference ng Art Beat 2 sa nakaraang Art Beat? Bullet Dumas: “It’s bigger and better.” Doc: “Yes. That”s right. And siguro kasi mas na-establish na yung brand. Mas na-raise naming yung brand. And I think yung lineup before is more of the indie-folk lang talaga. But yung ngayon, mas dumami na siya. May electro na siya. Kasi ayoko nung may gap sa scene. Yung nakahiwalay sila, Yung may Black Market vs. Route, yun lang. Ayun nga, yung bands natin ngayon Jensen and The Flips, Sud, Tom’s Story, Bullet Dumas…Plus yung mga pinasok namin is more on Hip-Hop. Yung sa Logiclub, tapos yung Motherbass, sobrang kakaiba din kasi more on club scene sila. So, kami we want to introduce them to the independent scene. Dun sa scene natin. Kasi kailangan din sila ma-appreciate nung crowd natin. Plus, yung fans nila makita din yung eksena natin. Siguro kaya mas iba yung crowd, mas nakatayo. And talagang feeling naming tatapusin nila until the last act.”

JB Balaquit, know to many in the indie scene as Doc, giving last few instructions to the DocDef Productions team (Photo by Dre Agar)

Indie Manila: Why Tagaytay? Doc: Because Museo Orlina is here. Ning Orlina: “No! Well it started as a way to promote the museum. Cause’ I noticed that the guests of my dad were always the older generation. We want to get the younger market to come. So, my dad had an event and I was with Muriel from Ransom collective and my dad had this event which was all Beatles. Like it was a reunion, so it was like his generation. I’m with my two friends. Muriel and another girl, we’re like this is fun. And I told Muriel that “I want you to play on that stage.” So, I told them that I want you and Bullet to play and if there are other acts. Okay, sige. That’s when we decided to make a collaboration with art and music. So, yun that’s how it kinda started.”

Live art at Tagaytay Art Beat 2 (Photo by Dre Agar)

Indie Manila: Art Beat is not the usual gig. Yung puro music lang kasi may art and concessionaires. Ning Orlina: “Yeah, we want to make it like a music festival experience. That’s why we have freedom walls, art…Yun.” Indie Manila: Anong masasabi niyo to the gig-goers. (to Bullet) As an artist anong nafeel mo na ganun kasolid. Like, nung tumugtog ka kanina. Solid din talaga yung hiyawan ng tao.

Bullet Dumas (Photo by Dre Agar)

Bullet: Gusto ko laging tumutugtog sa listening crowd. Tulad kanina yung crowd ng art beat. Na naiintindihan nila yung ginagawa ng artist. Maganda yung connection ng artist and the audience. Tapos ang ganda kasi ng venue, ang sarap ng weather, ang sarap ng experience. Yun nga, since nagsheshare kayo ng experience para kayong tropa. Parang isang malaking tropa na nageenjoy sa isang event. Yun as in bigay lahat. All out pati audience hanggang mamaya. Ning: “Parang the audience and the performer feels each other’s energy. They can really interact with each other.” Bullet: Yung para siyang maliit na gig. Para kang nasa maliit na gig venue pero mas malaki. Andun yung intimacy, tapos from the stage naririnig mo yung reaction ng mga tao. Na mapapansin mo talaga, diba kanina may ginanun ako “Uy, ang ingay mo ah.” May nagreact. Tapos parang uy napansin mo ako. It’s fun, nakakatawa yung ganong exchange. Tapos yung artist mismo nagffeed off to those kinds of exchange. Masaya lang, sobrang light ng mood. Yun more of dahil sobrang intimate siya. Yung artist next level din yung tugtog kasi parang nasa room lang siya. Yun, kasi diba pag nagsusulat artist, nasa kwarto lang tapos parang magkkwento lang sa kaibigan na uy may nagawa akong bagong kanta. So, parang ganun din with our setting.”

Conscious and the Goodness (Photo by Dre Agar)

Indie Manila: Last question, Since sobrang successful ng Art Beat 2. Will you be planning a bigger artbeat next year? Ning: “We can’t answer that yet.” Doc: “Hahaha. Tapusin muna natin tong event na to.” Ning: “We don’t wanna make promises.” Doc: “Yes and actually lagi naming sinasabi to. The reason why mas successful to dun sa una is because before maliit pa lang yung team. Unlike now, there are friends and volunteers who help not because, they want to get paid. But, because they just want to contribute para mas maging awesome yung event. Yun nga ang daming gustong tumulong. Kasi diba ang hirap kung kaming dalawa lang yung mag-b-brainstorm. So, yun kung everytime makikita niyo mas aggressive yung social media namin, mas maganda yung collaterals namin. It’s because of the team we have now. Yung chatbox namin di yan namamatay. Kahit may tulog ng gabi, may gising pa din. Tuloy-tuloy pa din. Hanggang sa kahit di na kami nag-me-meet . Kahit sa online lang. We can still exchange ideas. And yun syempre yung artists game lang sila sa Art Beat.”

Reese Lansangan (Photo by Dre Agar)

It seems like the weather complements the whole scene. The new kind of people wearing hoodies and pullovers while listening and enjoying the event is a definite ideal gig-thing. 22 bands (Apartel, Autotelic, Banna Harbera, Bullet Dumas, Conscious and the Goodness, Crwn, Dante and Amigo, Fools and Foes, Farewell Fairweather, Jensen and the Flips, Mayonnaise, Moonwlk, Motherbass, Ninno, Reese Lansangan, Rob and the Hitmen, She’s Only Sixteen, Sud, Tandems ’91, The SunManager, The Ransom Collective, Tom’s Story) along with 17 artists (Airell Segovia, Allison Tan, Anna Orlina, Dans Bermejo, Dee Jae Paeste, Erica Ng, Jess De Leon, John Paul Duray, Julia Tabor, Kara Pangilinan, Karen de la Fuente, Ku Romillo, Lee Caces, Miguel Antonio, Tyang Karyel, Valerie Harley, Vincent Quilop) are what makes this huge but the crowd gave the whole thing something amazing.

There were interesting collaborations that happened that night: Mu and Jermaine of The Ransom Collective played with Tom’s Story and Jensen and the Flips prepared something special with Tandems ’91 that everyone looked forward to. And indeed, the latter was the best way to close the night!

‪Jensen and the Flips and Tandems ’91 last night at #TagaytayArtBeat2! Full video on youtube.com/indiemanilalive

A video posted by [Indie] Manila (@indiemanilalive) on Feb 5, 2017 at 12:22am PST

Here are more photos from Tagaytay Art Beat 2 by Dre Agar:

Tom’s Story

Fools and Foes

The Ransom Collective

Farewell Fair Weather


Dante & Amigo





Jensen and the Flips