Elusive Silence: Sud’s 21st BIRTHDAY SALUBONG

For anyone who will be having the same celebration as this, I assure you, you are rocking your life at its finest point because you are surrounded by the best people with the best of what you do and with the best and awesome night of your existence!

I think that one of the lucky parts here is that you got to rock out a good night because to whatever reason:

IT IS SUD’S 21st  BIRTHDAY SALUBONG and the birthday gig itself is a total blow off.

Indeed, everything that seems to be going on that night is much of an extraordinary experience of music extravaganza. From beers to the crowd to the band up on the front, the whole place is solidly amazing. And the ‘bed weather’ didn’t even become a single cause because it was like: “Sud is celebrating his birthday and we’re enjoying the night, so who cares about you weather!” 

It is a big wow especially with the bands that performed: Miles Experience (Yep, a jump packed starter), Banna Harbera (super good music), Lions and Acrobats (and their soulful execution of their music that night!), Jensen and the Flips (the total rock out perf that gave the crowd a good hype) and most importantly as how Jensen said it: Sud on Sud!

I have to tell you this, I am a fan of their music but hearing their band perform on a Thursday night with feels of something special going on is like a soul asking for a home, something too comfortable or something that been making you crave for their melody and words. It is an ear’s desire that gives you their intimate mission of pleasure.

AND most importantly, what is so much good to me that night is the CROWD itself. It is a new image of the crowd at Route 196 that is so much into these bands: seeing their intense passion.

A total wow.

I am really glad I’ve been there that night. I think, if there’s one person happier than me and to what that event turned out to be: that would be the birthday boy himself.

Cheers to the man with the coolest afro-hairstyle ever! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUD! Maybe this time, we could finally sing this for you: “Walang papantay sa’yo, maging sino man sila.”