December Avenue Concert at Teatrino

FINALLY, after decades of doing records and putting a label on their passion and love for music, December Avenue drops the bomb to the whole universe announcing their very first concert! And yes, it drove their fans into much enthusiasm, that as the tickets were released, in no time it’s freaking sold out! The demand of people craving for the ‘big day’ intensified even more that resulted for a concert repeat.

December Avenue is one of the amazing bands and they always deserve a great appreciation in the music industry. Their breakthrough event during the evening of December 8 is one proof that they have already earned a great spot and it will continue to outgrow. EVERYONE during the first night of the concert wore their biggest smiles as they enter Teatrino, Greenhills. The center stage was filled with paper airplanes with songs written on it that justified what should be seen if you are looking at December Avenue: something that will initially hype the people reminding them of their most loved song ‘Eroplanong Papel’.

As astounding it is to feed your eyes with the lights that complement the whole place as to drifting yourself into December Avenue mode, the rush of excitement added chills as the concert started. After dimming the lights, ‘I’ll be Watching You’ made the whole scene a great intro for the night, as if everything happened for the first time you are hearing this band live. The band caught the hearts into massive feelings of love and happiness. Zel Bautista, (the vocalist) together with Jem Manuel (lead guitarist), Don Gregorio (bassist), and Jet Danao (on drums) impressed the audience by making them see that it is not their normal act but something special is happening and everyone should be really into it. The night is as if a lullaby that serenades the ears of the crowd. The faces from the bleachers and the balcony can be drawn with intimacy with the music itself.

People close their eyes riveting the transitions from Zel’s solo performances on keys to the ultimate and solid songs of the band which is really something you might want to take a deep breath and suck everything that is there to hear.

Some of the highlights of the said night (tho everything seems to be something to remember) is actually hearing the debut of their newest song ‘Kahit Di Mo Alam’ and their guests that somehow made a huge impact in their careers. Gab Alipe and John of Urbandab, as said as one of the inspirations of the band as they were just starting, gave a heartfelt performance singing two of their popular songs followed by the one and only Clara Benin that owned the stage and the people bringing so much emotions especially when she sang ‘Fallin’ with the band.

IT IS REALLY SOMETHING ONE SHOULD ASK FOR MORE, you feel the place became a sudden home for December Avenue music. Zel keeps on telling the crowd how he is thankful in behalf of everyone in the band and everyone involved in their lives “Wala kami kung wala kayo”. The concert ended giving the crowd a blast of their ‘Sleep Tonight’ and a bunch of thank you for everyone who made the event possible: especially Koi Busalla their manager and Paolo Valenciano the director.

AS PART OF THE CROWD, ALL I CAN SAY IS TERRIFIC.  December Avenue gave a kick-ass performance at Teatrino. Everyone had, not just a happy heart, but a memory to always remember that they will stay and will remain in the industry.

“As we ignite for the fire grows, the wind can never blow, and your words on my ears are rhymes” SALAMAT DECEMBER AVENUE. YOUR MUSIC WILL REMAIN FOREVER.