Coeli San Luis ‘Magkaibigan o Magka-ibigan’ Music Video Launch

Even though it was a month ago, the moment is still in my head, and I can remember it as well as the back of my hand.

It was about almost 8 o’clock in the evening on a rainy night that I arrived at Soma Bistro, in Green Sun; I always associated rains with blessings. Such was the reception of the heavens for this serene night, as we anticipated Coeli San Luis’ First Music Video’s Launch for her song, Mag-kaibigan o Magka-Ibigan. People from all walks of life, from your regular people with brown sandals and shorts to those who are dressed high fashion adorned the audience, all anticipating the soulful music that that moment promised.

And there was Coeli; the night’s songstress all covered from head to toe, struggling with fever. Albeit illness and anxiety, she still held on; that’s resiliency right there. Wishing for her cough not to get in the way, she still pushed thru the night, surrounded with every force she needed to stand and perform; everybody that loves and will love her is around the place, and that’s about the best comfort one can get at this moment.

And it was her friends that fought in the front lines for her at that moment too; post-rock band Tom’s Story set the pace for that night.

Keifer Cabugao, fully using his Violin from it’s bow to his fingers, enticed ears and hearts.

Loba Y Lobos’ soothing music, ethereal and surreal, took the stage after Keifer, taking everyone to their dreams.

The Benjamin’s performance certainly upped the momentum even more,

paving the way for Reese Lansangan’s Acoustic performance of her crowd-favorite songs.

After all the lovely string instruments played with the voices that soared that starry sky, it was with spoken word that intro’ed the video. Bob Ecarma dominated the spotlight then, with words and emotions enthralling the audience as it built up the mood for what Coeli’s First Music video be all about.

The video was how I wished for it to be to appear in my head everytime I hear the song, well allegorically speaking at that. You see two people in the midst of that lovely nowhere, swaying with the notes and the words of the tune, seemingly lost and afraid. Two human beings fated to see each other, hesitating, and maybe afraid of the thought of them together. Two souls that know it was with each other it would all end up, if only they can accept that future with all its risks and impossibilities and difficulties.

And in my opinion, if they have the courage to take that step and face it.

If anything it was Coeli and Miguel that did that. Coming out with their music in this society where the common differs from what their artistry can offer, it was them that produced songs that nobody really does anymore. It is those things that strike you rarely nowadays that take a hold of you and make a mark. From guitars to cellos, from the notes’ highs and lows, nobody can pull it off anymore like she can. Like they can.

That courage can never be more apparent that night to everyone in that place, as she graced the night with her talent and her charm. While she began and even after it ended, the atmosphere rang with the essence of her resiliency, as she striked her cello and sang her heart out. Surrounded by people who love her to bits, who adore her for everything that she is, while anxiety and fear and fever might’ve taken over it was her soul that took over and her passion that dictated how this night would turn out.

It turned out historical. this night is a promise to the future of a brilliant artist, to someone that love their art, to one that can step out and be different. it was those thoughts that stayed with me until now, even if a month have passed. As her last song for that night echoed “tuloy” in my head, I am looking forward for more.

This night marked the first giant step to a musical journey that I won’t dare miss.