#BIGLAANSERIES feat. Raymund Marasigan and more!

Rayms Marasigan was the headliner of the very first #BiglaanSeries, also featuring stellar performances by Sud Ballecer, Reese Lansangan, and Evee Simon.

Hi, there. If this is your first time to visit our little corner, welcome. I’m the head ninja of this website and I’ll be writing about the very first time SaGuijo asked me to curate a gig. The gig might sound like it was done on a whim. But honestly, the entire concept of the gig had been in my head for the longest time.

The date was October 13. A Tuesday night. The usual band lineup route popped in but there’s something not quite right with the idea. First thing on my head was what can I come up with that people would go out of their way and watch a gig on a Tuesday night.

I’ve always wanted to curate a gig with band front man or front woman doing solo acoustic sets in a chill setup. A gig with a mixture of scene favorites as well as fresh talents.

Suntok sa buwan pero una kong nilapitan si Rayms Marasigan (Eraserheads, Sandwich, Assembly Generals, Squid 9, Basement Lung). May ilang gigs na tumugtog siya na gitara lang ang tangan nya. I saw one of these rare acoustic gigs he does at Route 196 late last year. So I said I’ll try my luck and asked. And I was so overjoyed that he agreed!

Rayms Marasigan was the headliner of the very first #BiglaanSeries. The gig also featured stellar performances by Sud Ballecer (SUD, The Martys), Reese Lansangan, and Evee Simon.

The turnout that Tuesday night was quite overwhelming. But the best part about it was how steady it was. Some enjoyed the music sitting on the floor with beer in one hand, others had their own tables together with their friends. Para ka lang nag punta sa bahay ng matalik mong kaibigan, uminom, nag kwentuhan, at nag kantahan.

Here are some photos from the event by Infinity Blues Photography.

Full album here.

And here’s the playlist of the sets from that night, starting off with Rayms Marasigan singing an acoustic version of an Eraserheads classic, ‘Alkohol’.