Karpos Live 2018’s Finale: UDD and Cigarettes After Sex

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Official Press Release from Karpos Live

Karpos Live, is ending this year’s concert series with the fruition of bringing an entire spectrum of acts and genres to its stage. KARPOS being the Multimedia company of which a venue wherein local acts could have that bigger stage, shared with foreign acts brought to a more intimate space, defines their brainchild: “LIVE” as now in time, and existing with a purpose.

UDD, previously and iconically known as Up Dharma Down, took it upon themselves through simplification of their semantics, the meaning of “knowing more in explaining it simply”. The band knew what was at the heart of OPM and rewrote its course by staying true to their unfaltering synth pop sound partnered to the most reminiscent, storied, and relatable writings about love and loss in it’s mundanity and memorability. Then it simply, flew.

Cigarettes After Sex, with the imagery coming off the first time you hear their name, includes the question as to which aspect does their music revolve? Romance and intimacy, for sure, is there, but so does the tragedy and self-destruction of what comes afterwards. Stating once that their “dance” music was inspired by the slow groove of the 50’s, the band envisioned the peak of what noir dreampop could be through words and concepts that encompass infatuation to commitment and bliss; all the way to shattering heartbreaks in melodies that seemingly slow time.

Wishing that time could have lasted longer for the series, die-hard romanticism lives on through the enduring OPM audience with this last Mix of 2018.

Mix 3.3 tickets are at P2850 (+7% ticket service charge) and are available via karposlive.com and Ticketnet outlets.

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Made possible by Karpos Multimedia

Official Beer: San Miguel Pale Pilsen & San Miguel Flavoured Beer

Official Residence: Seda Vertis North