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BTTR: A Perfect Soundtrack For Falling In Love

  4.11.2017   Yanan Melo

After the popularly and critically well-received debut album, “Honeymoon”, Jensen and the Flips aren’t planning to stop any soon. Having released their sophomore LP, BTTR, they continue to prove that

Pariwara/Lutang: ‘Solid, impressive, and heartfelt…’

  30.10.2017   Yanan Melo

Ely Buendia and The Itchyworms is truly a God-given collaboration. This is unmistakably obvious based on their two songs, Pariwara and Lutang. These works of art were so good that,

Lions And Acrobats’ MUNDANE: ‘Being Human Has Never Been Better’

  26.10.2017   Yanan Melo

Independent Filipino rock band Lions and Acrobats‘ new full-length album, Mundane, does make me feel like I “want to stay under the covers of this gloomy day” after having faced the realities